What is Visa?

Visa is the world’s leading brand of electronic-payment cards. Over 200 countries around the globe accept cards from this prominent processing network, including Canada, and over 20,000 banks issue them.  Estimates say that there are currently over a billion Visa cards in circulation.

The company – VISA International Services Association, does not issue these cards, instead, they are provided by partnered financial institutions. The company’s task is to serve as a middle-man between the merchants and the cardholders. It maintains the network through which the transactions are processed. Each issuer sets its own terms for the cards it offers.

There are several types of cards available, the two most notable ones are debit and credit cards. A debit card allows a holder to access existing funds from their checking account. While a credit card allows him/her to repay the issuer in monthly installments.

Visa is the world’s second-largest card payment organization, it’s very popular with Canadian casino players, especially due to withdrawal restrictions associated with cards from competitor MasterCard.

Deposits Withdrawals Options for Canadians

After a Canadian player gets a Visa card issued from their bank of choice, it is immediately connected to their bank account. Once they find an online casino that accepts Visa, in the cashier tab on the site, they have to select Visa as a deposit method and enter their card details and deposit amount. For online security purposes, they will usually have to submit a unique code for every transaction sent to them via SMS or email.

To withdraw funds using a Visa card a player’s personal details have to match on both his casino and his bank account. An identity verification process might be necessary. If everything is in order, the player can pick Visa as a withdrawal option from the cashier tab. Then set the desired amount, and wait for the processing period to pass before checking his bank account to see if the funds have been transferred.


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Advantages of Visa

The advantages of using a Visa card lay in the fact that it’s a method accepted around the world, and at most online casinos. It’s an option most are familiar with, one that provides security, deposits are free and instant, and it makes Canadian’s eligible for big bonuses.

It’s a trustworthy solution that provides convenience and credit availability. If a player chooses to play using a Visa credit card, he has access to additional funds to play with. Although this is not advisable.

Disadvantages of Visa

One of the drawbacks of using Visa cards at online casinos is that not every platform allows users to make a Visa withdrawal. If they do, the processing times are slower than other options. Individual banks may also prohibit cardholders from using these cards at gaming platforms, as some choose not to authorize payment in connection with online gambling.

A negative is also the requirement to enter card details. Phishing is something all players should worry about, given that the service is linked to a player’s bank or credit card account, this might leave them susceptible to online fraud.

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Visa at online casinos

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