The way to win BIG on Jackpots!

When you head to any online casino’s library, you will see all the categories of games neatly organized. More often than not, you might see a Jackpots tab next to the Slots one. An exciting type of slot that offers prizes beyond your imagination, jackpot slots are the best possible type of slot game in online casinos.

As the name obviously suggests, these games come with jackpots attached to them. Those can be big or truly massive. One thing’s for sure, however – you can hit the jackpot if you maximize your bet on a single spin.

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Jackpot Rules

The rules of jackpots don’t differ a lot from slots rules. In its essence, a jackpot is a slots game with a big prize attached to it. Spinning the reels is the same and all the other rules are the same as well. You start the round by selecting an appropriate bet size and then click the Spin button. The reels start spinning and you’re hoping for high-paying symbols to land on them – it’s that simple.

All jackpot slots have similar rules for landing the top prize. Some can award it randomly on any spin while others require a specific set of symbols in order for you to hit the jackpot. This is why it’s a good idea to read the jackpot slot guide often included in the game to learn the rules.

Once you know how to get to it, winning a jackpot is as simple as clicking on the Spin button. Of course, you’ll also need a lot of luck to hit it.

Types of Jackpots

Before you start spinning jackpot slots, you need to learn more about the different types. There are two in the online casino industry – fixed and progressive jackpots.

Fixed jackpots come with a prize that doesn’t fluctuate. In layman’s terms, the top prize in these jackpots is determined by the provider. This jackpot doesn’t grow unlike progressives and as such, they come with a lower value. Fixed jackpots are also won quite often and usually come with high RTP and variance. What can you earn? Well, think of something like 1,000 times your initial stake.

If you want a prize even bigger than that, progressive jackpots are the way to go. Unlike fixed jackpots, the top prize in these games can grow quite big. As a matter of fact, the jackpot grows progressively bigger with each bet you and other players make. A small percentage of each bet goes directly to the jackpot which means that only the sky’s the limit.

The longer the progressive jackpot stays without a winner, the higher the prize will be. In many cases, the prizes go well over millions of coins. It can all be yours if you’re lucky which is why we suggest giving these slots a try.

There are two other types of jackpots worthy of mention, but not as popular as fixed jackpots or progressives. The first ones are local jackpots that offer a prize value contributed by players from a single casino.

Network jackpots, on the other hand, offer a prize that consists of bets by players across a network of online casinos. These jackpots can grow even bigger than progressives, especially on popular slots.

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How to Play

As mentioned, playing jackpots is very easy. If you ever played online slots, there’s no difference at all. Jackpots come with the layout of a classic slot so you won’t have trouble spinning the reels at all. 

The round starts with you setting your bet size. Choose what’s appropriate for you and don’t be ashamed of going small in the beginning. We’d recommend trying out the free version if possible so you can see how the slot works.

Reading the slot’s guide (or Help page) can also help you determine the best approach to win the jackpot. The guide will help you identify all the high-paying symbols and how to trigger the progressive or fixed jackpot. If it’s a random jackpot, you’ll just be hoping for the best.

As soon as you’re ready, you hit the Spin button and cross your fingers. If today’s your lucky day, you could win millions before you know it.

Jackpot Strategies

There are no strategies that work for jackpots and slots in general since they’re luck-based games. Orchestrating a win is simply impossible considering the fact that jackpots are usually random. On the other hand, you can make your own ‘strategy’ that can optimize your chances to win.

First and foremost, you must learn the rules of the game in order to get to the jackpot. Also, max out your bets if you want to hit the jackpot. Make sure to keep an eye on your bankroll as well. If you play with maxed out bets all the time, they can eat through your bankroll like it’s nothing.

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Finding the Best Jackpot Games

Playing jackpots is great, but you can’t just barge into an online casino and pick any jackpot. You have to find the right slot with a high payout if you want the best prize.

The first thing you need to consider is RTP. This stands short for Return to Player percentage and indicates how much money the machine pays back to players of all wagered money. It’s just the likelihood, of course – not guaranteed wins. The industry standard RTP is somewhere around 96%. If you want to raise your chances of winning, you need to find a slot with an RTP over that.

You should also keep in mind the volatility of a slot. This indicates how often the slot shells out wins. A machine with high volatility (variance) provides large, but less frequent wins. A slot with low volatility means smaller, more frequent wins. High volatility slots are your best bet, but you’ll need to be patient for the big prizes and be willing to risk higher sums of cash.

Follow our tips to choose the right jackpot slot. If you’re not certain, you can also try the game for free first before you commit to real money gameplay. 

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