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Is there a Way to Improve my Chances Of Winning Baccarat?

There are ways to improve your chances of winning a game of Baccarat, some strategies are covered on this page. As always, choose a casino with a good reputation and proved trustworthy. The casino operators on this page have been reviewed by experts and they all follow strict regulations. Try to find a casino with generous welcome bonus and of course find a strategy that increases your chances to win.

Baccarat strategy

If you are interested in following a strategy or learning how to play online baccarat, then do make sure that you read one of the many strategy guides available for new player or those who want to learn some more advanced tactics. Certainly there is more to baccarat than just pure luck, so reading some literature on the subject can be immensely helpful.


There is no exact answer here  and it is difficult to say with absolute confidence.  It can depend on how many hands you play and variations between different online casinos.  The casino operators will always try to prevent and eliminate the problem of card counting.

Yes, luck has something to do with winning at Blackjack, but there is also some elements of skills involved in the game, unlike slot machines for example. There are a lot of strategies you can learn in order to maximize your outcome, for example when to hold and stop your bets, this alone increases your possible win.

You can learn strategies, like knowing when to bet or when to hold, that will improve your game immensely. Check out one of our blackjack strategy guides, to make sure that the odds are always in your favour.

Find an online casino you feel comfortably with and join a table to play for real money. We at Casinodreamz have listed recommendations about sites in order to help you to get started, when your choice is made, open an account and make sure to choose your preferred payment method and make a deposit. Don´t forget to select the option to play for real money in your first Blackjack online game.


When it comes to managing your bankroll, blackjack is no different to every other type of gambling. This is because bankroll management in blackjack is absolutely vital, unless you want to find yourself spending all of your money in a single playing session.

The basic rule to follow when playing blackjack is this: only ever bring up to 10% of your total bankroll to the table and have the self-control to walk away if you lose the money you’ve assigned for the session.

Don’t take insurance

An Insurance when playing Blackjack is something that you can use if the dealer is showing an Ace, the reason is to protect your bet just in case the dealer manage to hit blackjack.  This insurance is basically a side bet, and you are usually paid at odds of 3:2 if the dealer does manage to hit blackjack.

This can seem to be a good idea at first, but it’s not, all experienced blackjack players will avoid an insurance completely. The reason is that over the long term, you’ll end up losing more than you actually win. So, you might occasionally lose some money when the dealer hits blackjack, but not ever taking insurance will be worth it in the long term.


Online casinos support different payment options for deposit and withdrawals.

You will usually have a few different options for depositing and withdrawing. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted at most places, and these tend to be the most popular options. E-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill are also widely accepted, although this may depend on where you live. Other options include money transfer (using services such as Western Union and MoneyGram), bank transfer, and check.

The exact processes for depositing and withdrawing will be different from one casino to the next, but they are generally quite straightforward.

Read more about payment options for depositing and withdraw here: www.casinodreamz.com/deposit-methods/

What is an online Casino

Online casinos are platforms that are comprised of all the different types of traditional casino games more or less online versions of traditional brick and mortar casinos. Most offer their players a chance to play for fun or to place bets and potentially land a good win.

Types of Games

At the very least, some of the casinos will offer a selection of slot machines, although most will also have choices in table games. Some of the bigger and more modern online casinos now offer live play. This means that those who enjoy table games can play some of their favourites in real time as this is offered by video streaming on behalf of the casino. In addition to these traditional casino games, some of the online casino venues have extended their game offerings to provide tickets, lotto, and keno.

The Online Casino Platforms

Casino operators will develop a website and then rely on casino gaming software providers to generate their selection of games for them. They may choose one of these providers or they may also have several providers at once so they can offer a full selection of games.

Read more about game providers here: www.casinodreamz.com/game-providers/

Rules and Regulations

Online casinos have to be properly licensed by the gaming authorities and they have rules and regulations to follow under this licensing. The casino itself will have separate rules and regulations for the players to follow.

5 things that will assist you in knowing whether an online casino is trustworthy

Good reviews:

Look around for reviews about the online casino in question. If many of the reviews are positive, then it can be a  good platform to sign up to. Try more than one with limited budget on each casino.

Licensed by a gambling regulating body:

There are plenty of licensing and regulating bodies out there, if the license is by one of these bodies and is up to date, then you can go for the casino. some of these bodies are the UK Gambling Commission, Curacao Government,  Kahnawake and the Malta Gaming Authority www.mga.org.mt

Bonus Wagering requirements need to be clear and fair, make sure that you understand:

A bonus is reflection of the rules or laws a casino will impose on you even as a member of the platform. This can be a signup bonus, a weekly bonus or something else,  it can be a jungle, make sure you read and understand the bonus requirements. The casino operator needs to provide a clear way of play-through requirements that are fair and achievable. There are different types of bonuses and you need to tell them apart to make the best choice.

Read more about bonuses here:  www.casinodreamz.com/casino-bonus

Renowned software providers

There are a huge number of software providers.  The provider will determine the kind of experience you will have at the online casino. Example of software providers are Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, RTG, Rival, and Yggdrasil that are known to offer incredible experiences when it comes to online gambling.

Reliable and Secure Banking Methods

Most of the time this is where the buck stops, there are plenty of fraudsters preying on your financial information and it’s the mandate of the online casino to offer the required security, before you become part of a casino, make sure that they have a secure domain in the first place (will show on your browser or have their domain name start with https) the other thing should be that they use an encryption technology to secure you information like SSL.

How do I register at an online casino

When registering with an online casino, you’ll be asked for your personal details. This is to prove that you’re a resident with the legal right to gamble, that you’re over the legal gambling age, and to keep your account secure and protected against fraud.

These are examples of common fields in a registration process:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Full Address (where you live for most of the year)
  • Username (your login)
  • Password
  • Security Question (e.g. Mother’s maiden name)
  • Betting Currency

Sign-Up Options

Examples of additional info you might want to add:

  • Newsletter sign-ups, which often contain special offers/bonuses
  • Where to receive your newsletter (e.g. phone, email, post)
  • Deposit limits, which can help ensure you don’t overspend
  • Promo Codes (to claim special offers)

Deposit Process

After you have signed up it´s time to transfer money into your account:

  • Go to the Deposit page
  • Check whether your chosen payment method has time restraints or charges before making a deposit. You can find this in the casino’s Help section or terms and conditions
  • Select your desired payment method
  • Input the account details
  • Choose whether to save them or not
  • Select your deposit amount
  • Confirm

You can play games like slots, table games and specialty games. Live Casino games is growing. Often you can play on any device, iOS, Android for example. 

Yes. Most online casinos offer players different types of bonuses especially if you sign up for a new casino. Online casino often offers bonuses for the second, third and fourth deposit as well. Make sure to read and  take part of as much information as possible before signing up to an online casino. 

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot game and this means that all bets played on the game adds up to high jackpot sums. Usually there are four progressive jackpots in play so the potential to win big is of course appealing. The biggest jackpot have a minimum reward of 1, 000, 000 coins.


Of course! Play Mega Moolah on your phone and play anywhere. The game works perfectly at mobile on Wthe most common platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android smartphones, and it’s well suited to tablets too.

Unfortunately not, Mega Moolah can only be played for real money, but you can kick off with a low deposit, for example $0.25. Watch out for Online casinos claiming that you can play Mega Moolah for free spins only.

 Mega Moolah is available at a wide selection of online casinos. Go to your preferred casino site and select the game. Then decide on your bet amount and paylines to play, and hit the spin button.


Yes, the last couple of years the mobile gaming revolution has really spun off and you can enjoy many types of online roulette games on a smartphone or a tablet. Some roulette games are even optimized for mobile/tablet.


Of course you can. Many gaming websites offers Live dealer for money and you place your bets on a virtual table, but everything else is handled by a human live dealer, spinning the wheel for example. Try it out, the feeling of  a land based casino from your own sofa.



The majority of all good gaming sites will have several versions of real money roulette in their lobbies to offer. Canuck players will probably find the American roulette most familiar. A good thing about online roulette for real money is the variations of the game, for example premier roulette and online only roulette variations like Multi-wheel and Multi ball.



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